Microbiology Independent Research Journal (MIR Journal)

Volume 10, Issue 1

Table of contents

Деконтаминация поверхностей от нуклеиновых кислот аэрозолями дезинфицирующих средств Translated title: Using aerosols to decontaminate surfaces of nucleic acids 1
Фено- и генотипический портрет штаммов Yersinia pestis филогрупп 2.MED4 и 2.MED1 – этиологических агентов вспышек чумы ХХ века в Прикаспийском регионе Translated title: Pheno- and genotypic characteristics of Yersinia pestis strains of phylogroups 2.MED4 and 2.MED1 – etiological agents of plague outbreaks of the 20th century in the Caspian Sea region 13
Факторы, влияющие на тяжесть течения COVID-19 и развитие осложнений Translated title: Factors affecting the severity of COVID-19 and the development of complications 20
Recent trends in uropathogenic infections in patients of a tertiary care center, New Delhi, India, – a topic of urgent attention39
Clinical and laboratory profiles of invasive fungal infections in COVID-19 patients45
Comparative analysis of conventional and direct antimicrobial susceptibility testing of blood cultures in a tertiary care cancer hospital: the way forward52