Journal of Disability Research

Volume 2, Issue 3
15 September 2023
Journal of Disability Research
King Salman Center for Disability Research

Table of contents

Discrete-Event Simulation Model for Monitoring Elderly and Patient’s Smart Beds1
Functionality and Comfort Design of Lower-Limb Prosthetics: A Review10
Expanding the Genetic and Mutation Spectrum of ASPM-associated Neurodevelopmental Disorders24
Whole Exome Sequencing Reveals Two Novel Homozygous Variants in the TRAPPC9 and PLOD3 Genes Leading to Intellectual Disability and Bone Fragility with Contractures32
Textual Emotion Analysis-based Disabled People Talking Using Improved Metaheuristics with Deep Learning Techniques for Intelligent Systems40
Evaluating the Role of University Disability Service Support, Family Support, and Friends’ Support in Predicting the Quality of Life among Disabled Students in Higher Education: Physical Self-esteem as a Mediator48
Predicting Functional Recovery of Stroke Rehabilitation Using a Deep Learning Technique60
Multi-targeted Virtual Screening of Phytocompounds of Rauwolfia serpentina Against Caspase-8, BACE, and AChE for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases70
Enhanced Bald Eagle Search Optimizer with Transfer Learning-based Sign Language Recognition for Hearing-impaired Persons86
Sand Cat Swarm Optimizer with Deep Wavelet Autoencoder-based Sign Language Recognition for Hearing- and Speech-impaired Persons94
Unraveling the Interaction of a Neurological Drug Rivastigmine with Human Insulin Protein: A Biophysical Method in Combination with Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation105
Computer Vision with Optimal Deep Stacked Autoencoder-based Fall Activity Recognition for Disabled Persons in the IoT Environment120
Effect of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence on Anxiety and Behavior Among Individuals with Mental Disabilities in a Dental Setting129
Internet of Things-driven Human Activity Recognition of Elderly and Disabled People Using Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm with LSTM Autoencoder136