Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research

Volume 60, Issue 1

Table of contents

Fertiliser characteristics of stored spent mushroom substrate as a sustainable source of nutrients and organic matter for tillage, grassland and agricultural soils1
A preliminary study of Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli O157, Enterococcus faecalis and Clostridium spp. in Irish cattle12
Effect of applying crust-freezing after skin-packaging on the natural microflora of Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar) during storage at low temperatures19
A note on the early transcriptional response in leaves and root of potato plants to cadmium exposure27
Exploring the potential of ingestive behaviour, body measurements, thermal imaging, heart rate and blood pressure to predict dry matter intake in grazing dairy cows33
Factors and conditions influencing the willingness of Irish consumers to try insects: a pilot study43
The occurrence of herbicide-resistant Avena fatua (wild oats) populations to ACCase-inhibiting herbicides in Ireland59
An examination of the effect of autumn closing date on over-winter herbage production and spring yield65
Evaluating the effectiveness of commercial teat disinfectant products sold in Ireland using the disc diffusion method78
Performance of lactating suckler cows of diverse genetic merit and genotype under a seasonal pasture-based system91
A time of transition: changes in Irish food behaviour and potential implications due to the COVID-19 pandemic102
Changes in sward structure, plant morphology and growth of perennial ryegrass–white clover swards over winter114
Changes in sward structure, plant morphology and growth of perennial ryegrass–white clover swards over winter114
Embedding animal welfare in sustainability assessment: an indicator approach129
Using a Technology Acceptance Model to investigate what factors influence farmer adoption of a nutrient management plan142
Manipulation of the pre-partum diet of dairy cows to promote early adaptation to perennial ryegrass herbage152
Enhancing muscle fatty acid profile by pasture finishing within a dairy-origin calf-to-steer beef production system and its potential to authenticate the dietary history of the cattle161
Ecological value of different vegetated strip types in providing valuable insect-rich habitats for grey partridge chicks180