Socialist Lawyer

Issue 57
01 February 2011
Socialist Lawyer
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Table of contents

Back Matter
Front Matter
Universality challenge3
‘Apathy is Dead’: Just one of the placards on one of the student protests of 2010. Michael Goold agrees…
Inquiry findings ‘closest to truth’6
Manila conference stands up for ‘people's lawyering’6
Justice for Aafia Siddiqui7
Justice under the hammer8
On the picket line: a cuts agenda takes shape9
Euro lawyers' body goes from strength to strength10
Turkey at the crossroads11
British complicity in horror12
Charges dropped12
Tough on torturers12
Double standards13
Letter from Scotland14
Civil liberties and the Con-dems: Amidst the control orders squabble, Conor Gearty asks: who really runs the country?16
Colombia: where lawyers dare: Ros Olleson reports on an international lawyers' delegation to Colombia18
Blacklisting: Dave Smith on the trade unionists still being victimised by their employers20
Bush admits torture takes place: Ruth Blakeley shows how some memoirs can be more revealing than others23
Lebanon and the Security Council: Omar Nashabe on the UN's investigation into who assassinated Prime Minister Hariri24
Legal aid and the impending cuts: Paul Heron outlines the attacks on legal aid and how to fight them28
Philippines: justice for Morong 43: A victory for the National Union of People's Lawyers, as Michael Goold reports…32
Reflections on the ‘death of justice’35
A blast of fresh air from Colombia37
Bringing order to protest law38