State Crime Journal

Volume 7, Issue 2
01 October 2018
State Crime Journal
Pluto Journals

Table of contents

Front Matter
Mapping the Contours of State Crime and Colonialism167
Colonial States, Colonial Rule, Colonial Governmentalities: Implications for the Study of Historical State Crime173
Criminology's Time: Settler Colonialism and the Temporality of Harm at the Assiniboia Residential School in Winnipeg, Canada, 1958–1973199
Settler-Colonial Violence, Primitive Accumulation and Australia's Genocide222
“They Were Treating Me Like a Dog”: The Colonial Continuum of State Harms Against Indigenous Children in Detention in the Northern Territory, Australia251
Forced Evictions as Urban Planning? Traces of Colonial Land Control Practices in Yangon, Myanmar278
A Criminal Commodity Consensus: The Coloniality of State Power, State Crime and the Transformation of Property Relations in Mexico306
Colonialism, Redress and Transitional Justice: Ireland and Beyond329
Colonial State Crimes and the CARICOM Mobilization for Reparation and Justice349
Addressing Colonial Crimes Through Reparations: The Mau Mau, Herero and Nama369
The Minutes of Evidence Project: “Doing Structural Justice”389
D. Walter and P. Lewis, Colonial Violence: European Empires and the Use of Force410
E. B. Westerman, Hitler's Oskrieg and the Indian Wars: Comparing Genocide and Conquest414
S. Gapps, The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the Early Colony, 1788-1817417
Notes on the Contributors