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Norio Shibata

Disciplines: Chemistry
Education: Osaka University
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    Norio Shibata (born July 3, 1965) is a Professor of Chemistry at the Nagoya Institute of Technology, since 2008. He received a Ph.D. (1993) in pharmaceutical sciences from Osaka University under the direction of Professor Yasuyuki Kita. He worked at Dyson Perrins Laboratory (Professor Sir Jack. E. Baldwin), Oxford University (JSPS fellow, 1994-1996), Sagami Chemical Research Institute (Dr. Shiro Terashima, 1996), after which he was a lecturer at Toyama Medical & Pharmaceutical University (1997-2003), and an associate professor at Nagoya Institute of Technology (2003-2008). He also acted as a visiting professor (2008, 2012) at the University of Rouen with the support by Dr. Dominique Cahard. He received the “Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 2000", the “Fujifilm Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 2003”, the “Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan (2004)”, the “RSC Fluorine Prize (inaugural Prize in 2005)”, the “20th Lecture Award for Young Chemists in Chemical Society of Japan, 2005)”, the “Fluorine Chemistry Research Incentive Award in Research Foundation ITSUU Laboratory (inaugural Prize in 2009)”, the “The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Divisional Scientific Promotions (2010)”, and “Prizes for Science and Technology, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2014)”. His research interests are wide range of synthetic and medicinal fluorine chemistry.


    Nagoya Kogyo Daigaku

    Department of Nanopharmaceutical Science,


    Osaka University