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Matteo Guidotti

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    Born in Milano, ITA, 04/12/1972

    Research Scientist - permanent position at Institute of Molecular Sciences and Technology (ISTM), CNR, Milan since 01/10/2001

    Degree in Chemistry at the University of Milan, Feb 1997. Mark: 110/110 cum laude

    PhD in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Milan, Dec 2000

    - Post-doc position at CSSCMTBSO (Centre for Studies on Synthesis of Complexes of Transition Metals in Low Oxidation States) of CNR in Milan (ITA) Jan-Sept 2001

    - Visiting researcher at LACCO, Univ. Poitiers (FRA) Nov 2003 - July 2004

    - Visiting researcher at Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Novosibirsk (RUS), Oct 2005

    - Visiting researcher at ICMA, Univ. Zaragoza (ESP) Jan-Apr 2010

    - Visiting researcher at Technical University Delft (NL), Jul-Aug 2012

    - President of the Governing Board of FOIST (Foundation for Scientific and Technical Education and Culture), Milan, Italy (2010-2014)

    - Deputy President of the Governing Board of the Lombardy Section of the Italian Chemical Society (2014-2016); Treasurer (2002-2004, 2005-2007); Secretary (2011-2013)

    - Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Bologna (est. 1691)

    Author or co-author of 92 scientific publications on journals and books and of some 120 communications at international congresses.

    Current research topics

    - Design of porous heterogeneous catalysts for the selective transformation of fine chemicals

    - Use of nanostructured catalysts for the selective oxidation of fatty acids and terpenes derived from vegetable sources

    - Synthesis of metal nanoparticles and deposition onto inorganic oxides for oxidation in the presence of sustainable oxidants

    Collaborations: Univ. Eastern Piedmont, Alessandria, (ITA); Univ. of Poitiers, (FRA); Boreskov Inst. Catalysis, Novosibirsk, (RUS); Univ. Zaragoza, (SPA); Academy of Sciences, Kiev (UKR); TUD, Delft (NL)


    - IX National Prize Federchimica, 2nd section 1996

    - “ENMIX 2011 Paper Award Vatnahalsen, Norway 2011

    - Italian Society of Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry Division, “Chiusoli” Gold Medal 2014

    - Italian Society of Chemistry, "Marotta" Gold Medal 2017 for dissemination and awareness-raising on chemistry and Ethics


    CNR - Italian National Research Council

    Institute of Molecular Sciences and Technologies


    University of Milan, Dept. of Inorganic, Metalorganic and Analytical Chemistry

    University of Milan