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Diego Alexander Guarín Cifuentes

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    Diego Guarín studied Biology in Colombia. He worked developing and assessing projects in private and public institutions in the field of natural resources, related to social and environmental aspects and teaching in academic institutions. Later he completed his Master studies (Double degree) in Natural Resources Management at the Technische Hochschule K¨öln in Cologne-Germany and the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí in San Luis ´Potosí- Mexico. Currently he is studying a PhD in Ecology and Landscape Management in the Technical University of Dortmund

    Since 2018 he is working as Research Assistant at Katalyse Institut e.V. Institute for applied environmental research. in Cologne-Germany, supporting the elaboration of project proposals, regarding the call for tender "Research Initiative for the Preservation of Biodiversity" FONA „Forschungsinitiative zum Erhalt der Artenvielfalt” related o the identification of direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss, through innovative approaches to its conservation, identifying the potentials for biodiversity protection in viticulture to develop strategies at the level of cultivation and marketing and implement them in selected practical contexts.

    In the same form, he is contributing to the update of the online book ‘Chemie in Lebensmitteln’ "Chemistry in food products" which has information related to food habits, healthy food, and other related topics.


    KATALYSE Institut

    IG forestry Engineering

    Virginia Vargas. Environmental Consultancy

    Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi

    Subdirection of Agrology

    Universidad Manuela Beltrán

    Corporación Bioparque

    Independent business.

    Provinma school/CANAPRO OFEC School

    Environmental consultancy Contractors: Environmental consultancy, conducted by Mrs. Virginia Vargas Mr. Carlos Rodríguez


    Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Agenda Ambiental

    TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences, ITT Institute for Tropics and Subtropics

    Universidad Manuela Beltrán

    Universidad Incca de Colombia