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Julia Romanova

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    Dr. Julia Romanova began her scientific carrier as a virologist in the St. Petersburg Institute for Experimental Medicine (Russia) where she was involved in the development of an attenuated live cold adapted influenza vaccine. After defending her PhD, Dr. Romanova worked at the Royal Medical University (Newcastle, Australia) and in the Centres for Disease control (CDC, USA). From 1995 to 2006 Dr. Romanova has been working at the Institute of Applied Microbiology (Vienna, Austria). In 2006 Dr. Romanova joined company Avir Green Hills Biotechnology AG for the development of a new generation of live replication-deficient intranasal influenza vaccine obtained by reverse genetics methods. Since this time, her main interest was the genetic determinants of influenza virus infectivity and immunogenicity of influenza vaccines. Currently, Dr.Romanova is Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Microbiology Independent Research journal (MIR journal).