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andrea asperti

Education: Universita degli Studi di Pisa
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    Andrea Asperti was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1961.

    He got a Ph.D in Computer Science at the University of Pisa in 1989. He worked at the Ecole Normale Superieure and at INRIA-Rocquencourt.

    Currently, he is full professor at the University of Bologna.

    He has been Director of the Department of Computer Science in the period 2005-2007.

    Since 2000 until 2007, he has been member of the Advisory Commettee of the World Wide Web Consortium.

    He is editorial manager of the Journal of Formalized Reasoning (ISSN: 1972-5787); he is leading the development team of the Interactive Theorem Prover "Matita".

    His research interests are mainly focused on principles of programming languages, and logical foundations of computer science.


    Universita degli Studi di Bologna

    DISI, Dipartimento di Informatica - Scienza e Ingegneria


    Universita degli Studi di Pisa, Computer Science