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This is a collection of indexed research publications on the longer term effects of the COVID-19 disease.

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This free to access research collection is set up by the UK's National Long Covid Research Group consisting of researchers with expertise in cardiorespiratory medicine, clinical epidemiology, clinical psychology, medical statistics, outcomes methodology, official statistics, paediatric health, primary care, and public health.

This ScienceOpen Collection is automatically updated to index the newest research on the longer-term effects of COVID-19. The collection could be of use to anyone looking to identify key research in the area of Long Covid. The number of articles can be further narrowed within the collection using filters. Below are some pre-set filters which may be of particular interest:


Please note: the collection indexes "preprint" articles (these are flagged in the collection as a preprint to the reader) and have not yet undergone peer review. Please refer to the original publisher of the research for information regarding peer review. This collection is hosted and maintained by ScienceOpen in association with UCL Press.


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