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ScienceOpen offers next-generation indexing and marketing services for publishers. Please contact for more information.

  • Reach new audiences and maximize your readership
  • Increase the visibility your journals
  • Promote your content through a new channel
  • Open up the context of your content for exploration

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ScienceOpen is a free network for rewarding and encouraging Open Science practices

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Publish your research Open Access with us!

  • Publish fast, with our rapid, editorially-controlled publication process
  • Publish efficiently, with our version control, type-setting and copy-editing services
  • Publish variety with any article format: original papers, negative results, case studies, reviews and more
  • Publish openly, with Creative Commons licensing, CrossRef DOIs and constructive and civil post-publication peer review

We at Magnificat CLM are proud to belong to the strong, global movement for openness in science and academe, of which ScienceOpen is a crucial instance. Grateful that SO took us in its stride towards a future of collaboration for boundless research.

Prof. Rosanna Cantavella, Magnificat Cultura i Literatura Medievals

We are excited about joining ScienceOpen with our ‘Journal of Insects as Food and Feed’. It is a very young journal in a field buzzing with opinion and debate, and we are really curious to see how ScienceOpen will help generate attention and traffic.

Mike Jacobs, Wageningen Academic Publishers
Thieme logo

“It is a great pleasure to work on cooperation with ScienceOpen. We are happy to have entered our 18-months trial for three of our very successful scientific journals. The very positive results of this trial speak for themselves and we are looking into options to continue our cooperation. ScienceOpen is very successfully putting Open Access into practice by benefitting from well established OA-services such as PMC, integrating all facettes of it into one platform and create a trusted open scientific environment not only for authors but also for all other stakeholders in the communities. It is Open Science consequently thought through and ScienceOpen has a great future.”

Frauke Ralf, Thieme
River Publishers logo

“River Publishers worked with the ScienceOpen team to get several of our international journals indexed in the ScienceOpen database, and the results are proving to be very productive. The service which SO provided was excellent.”

Mark de Jongh, River Publishers

“By indexing articles in ScienceOpen we put our authors’ research in a wider context and hope to increase the readership and discoverability of our journals.”

Sam Bruinsma, Brill

“As we publish more and more, discoverability, aggregation, and indexing remain important in the digital publishing landscape. Working with ScienceOpen has been a pleasure in this respect, allowing us to ensure that high-quality, open-access humanities research material reaches the broadest audiences.”

Professor Martin Paul Eve, Birbkeck, University of London and co-CEO of the OLH

ScienceOpen membership – the how, the what, and the why!

ScienceOpen is a free network for rewarding and encouraging Open Science practices.

But what exactly can you do on our platform..?

  • New, enhanced collection features

But isn’t ScienceOpen just another social networking site?

With 101 platforms for researchers available these days, and each one vying for the proud title of ‘Facebook for science’, why should you bother with ScienceOpen?

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Enhanced journal pages at ScienceOpen

In case you missed it, to kick off the New Year we redesigned our search interface and made it more powerful and useful in a range of ways. You don’t even have to sign up to take advantage of our advanced search and discovery functions with metrics about your favorite journals and publishers.

Journal upgrades

One of our favourite upgrades is how each of more than 24,000 journals are featured and displayed. Now it is possible for anyone to see what journals exist on our platform and how many articles are tracked for each one of them. That’s the first step. Try searching for your favourite journal, or even a journal you work for, and seeing what we have for it.

24,000 journals, arranged by how much content we have indexed from each on our platform.

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ScienceOpen on Road

  • December 21st, 2016 Alexander Grossmann about Die Zukunft des wissenschaftlichen Publizierens in Jülich, Germany.

  • November 24-26th, 2016 ScienceOpen is teaming up with Digital Science and OpenAIRE to lead the OpenCon Berlin satellite event, Germany.

What is ScienceOpen?

ScienceOpen is a research, networking, and publishing platform. We specialise in:

  • Article aggregation
  • Next-generation abstracting and indexing
  • Smart search and discovery
  • Public peer review
  • Open access publishing

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