Emerald: Sustainable Structures & Infrastructures

In this collection, you’ll discover leading engineering research aligned to 7 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. By showcasing the very best engineering research on the issues that matter most, we help academics, practitioners, professionals and policymakers influence real change in society.  

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Emerald: Sustainable Structures & Infrastructures




We recognise the transformative power of sustainable engineering, design and building practices in creating a world where our planet and its inhabitants can thrive. We are passionate about supporting researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in their efforts to minimise the environmental impact of structures and infrastructures through decarbonisation, harnessing data and technology for procurement, ethical supply chains, water, sanitisation and clean energy that promotes health, wellbeing and protects biodiversity.

Our aim is to help research influence real world change by supporting the work of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners and bridging the gap that can exist between research and practice and different disciplines.



We’re a social science publisher that’s passionate about leading change. As such, we aim to publish research that influences thinking, changes policies and practice, and positively makes a difference to people’s lives.

In line with our commitment to real impact and, as a signatory of the SDG Publishers Compact, we are focused on increasing content aligned to the UN SDGs that we have carefully curated into five interdisciplinary themed collections: 

  • Sustainable Structures and Infrastructures
  • Fairer society
  • Healthier lives 
  • Responsible management 
  • Quality education for all

The Sustainable Structures and Infrastructures collection addresses global challenges such as limited access to affordable and clean energy, resilient infrastructure for climate change, sustainable urbanisation, and responsible consumption in construction. Curating outstanding research in these areas, our collection ensures academics, businesses and policymakers discover insights that help them drive real change in society.

Our interdisciplinary collections are updated regularly so there will always be new research for you to explore.


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