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About the UCL Grand Challenge of Transformative Technologies

Launched in 2016, the UCL Grand Challenge of Transformative Technology looks at how innovation and technology can have far-reaching benefits for society and the planet. Transformative Technology funds cross-disciplinary work at UCL and with partner organisations, with a focus on priority themes of food, disability innovation, social impacts of new technology, data for good, and nature-inspired engineering. Led by scholars from UCL's Engineering and Science & Technology departments, it aims to foster engagement from across the university and create new collaborations that produce real-world impact. 


You will find more information about the UCL Grand Challenge of Transformative Technologies, including current and past projects as well as all the latest news, at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/grand-challenges/transformative-technology


About UCL Grand Challenges

UCL Grand Challenges aims to bring researchers together from across UCL, setting the agenda for future research, while building bridges with external partners. This collection collates published research and output from funded projects.

Since 2009, UCL Grand Challenges have changed the way researchers investigate the world's problems, facilitating hundreds of new connections between researchers from across the university, at all levels. Grand Challenges is an initiative of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research) which seeks to bring UCL’s academic expertise to bear on pressing societal challenges by integrating knowledge and evidence from across disciplines. 

Whilst not seeking to solve the world's problems; Grand Challenges is committed to establishing the intellectual basis for solutions to be found. Through the cross-disciplinary research that Grand Challenges supports, new approaches can emerge and in this way, our small interventions have a significant impact. 'Impact' (the influence of research on the world) is the ultimate objective of our work. It is made possible in several ways, as identified in the 2019 UCL Research Strategy. We believe that cross-disciplinary research, like that fostered by UCL Grand Challenges, can have a major impact on solving some of the world's most pressing problems.

We do this by awarding small grants to UCL researchers, funding major projectsorganising and supporting events and academic roundtablesbuilding partnerships, and working closely with colleagues across the university and beyond.

The UCL Grand Challenges Advisory Group, with a senior representative from each faculty, works with us to improve our picture of UCL’s academic strengths, augmenting our activities and identifying new opportunities for UCL’s Grand Challenges.


You will find more information about the UCL Grand Challenges including current and past projects as well as all the latest news, at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/grand-challenges

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