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The key aim of Amsterdam University Press (AUP) is to make current research available to scholars, students, innovators, and the general public. AUP stands for scholarly excellence, global presence, and engagement with the international academic community


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Amsterdam University Press (AUP) is actively seeking proposals for cutting-edge research from a global network. In the context of the current pandemic, AUP maintains its commitment to scholarly excellence and the worldwide dissemination of knowledge.


Publishing Programme

AUP's paper and e-format publishing programme is in standing with other major scholarly publishers of the Humanities and Social Sciences. AUP publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed Academic Books in English, Textbooks for universities and higher education, Journals, and Major Reference Works.



Why Publish your Research with AUP?


Academic Monographs and Edited Collections


  1. AUP has run a successful print and digital programme of outstanding academic publications for almost thirty years.

  2. All publications are evaluated by an international editorial board of appointed experts and are subject to a full external peer-review.

  3. AUP has a highly qualified and professional team providing close author support throughout the entire publishing experience. AUP offer in-house copy-editing by experienced native speakers.

  4. AUP prides itself on the efficiency and thoroughness of the publication process, from the delivery of the final manuscript right through to publication.

  5. AUP offer global distribution and sales through an extensive network of distributors and representatives in all key markets.

  6. AUP's international marketing strategy is designed to reach scholars, specialists, and readers through cultivated distribution of information. AUP strives to have a presence at all major conferences.

  7. AUP is partnered with some of the world’s finest research institutions and collaboratively produce outstanding book series across AUP’s core disciplines.

  8. AUP is a longstanding supporter of Open Access publishing and releases many academic books in Open Access directly on publication.

  9. AUP boasts an international scope of authors, series editors, and publishers.

  10. AUP is part of a global academic network, distinguishing an open, creative, and internationally orientated attitude in acquisitions, sales and marketing.


Educational Textbooks


  1. AUP is strong in publishing both Dutch- and English-language textbooks for institutes that teach students from a variety of backgrounds or students who are in the process of switching to an English-language course.

  2. AUP is unique in that it offers a distribution and marketing network for books in both languages.

  3. Partnered with key institutions to cooperatively develop and publish new research.

  4. AUP textbooks are promoted to the educational market through campaigns to carefully selected tutors to encourage course adoptions.

  5. Dutch- and English-language textbooks are distributed by the CB and the English-language textbooks additionally benefit from the same rigor of the Sales and Distribution apparatus of the Academic Programme.



Submit a Proposal


If you would like to submit a proposal, please read the author guide relevant to your publication to ensure it fits AUP's publishing programme.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact AUP's friendly staff. AUP look forward to receiving your proposal.



Film, Media and Communication


Amsterdam University Press has a strong international scope with several high-standing book series in Film, Media and Communication, covering different disciplines and subjects that range from film theory, media archaeology and archival practices, to transmedia, digital culture, and games studies. The list is a reflection of our close partnership with scholars of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), whose subject area of Communication Science & Media Studies has been ranked first in the world in the latest QS World University Rankings 2018.


Commissioning editor:
Maryse Elliott





Amsterdam University Press (AUP) publishes more than 30 titles in History each year. Our series cover everything from late antique, medieval and early modern European history, to broader cultural heritage and contemporary studies, including topics such as memory studies and genocide. AUP also works in partnership with Arc Humanities Press (Arc) who operates as a specialist imprint, with a focus on premodern studies. Arc was established as the publishing arm of the learned society for medieval studies worldwide, CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network, and comprises a dozen acquisitions and publishing experts from around the world.


Commissioning editors:
Julie Benschop-Plokker
Shannon Cunningham
Erin Thomas Dailey
Erika Gaffney
Anja van Leusden
Irene van Rossum



Asian Studies


AUP has a well-established list in Asian Studies, renowned for its solid source-based publications in the history, religion, politics, migration, and culture of the peoples and states of Asia. The Asian Studies programme is strengthened by a number of book series, focusing on a special topic or an area of study.


Commissioning editors:
Saskia Gieling
Shannon Cunningham
Loretta Lou



Language and Literature


Amsterdam University Press (AUP) explores the discipline of Language and Literature through two key successful series. Languages and Culture in History studies the role foreign languages have played in the creation of the linguistic and cultural heritage of Europe, both western and eastern, and at the individual, community, national or transnational level. As research in language leads to extensive changes in our understanding and representations of grammar, the Comprehensive Grammar Resources series intends to present the most current understanding of grammar and syntax as completely as possible in a way that will both speak to modern linguists and serve as a resource for the non-specialist.


Commissioning editors:
Saskia Gieling
Louise Visser



Social and Political Sciences


Amsterdam University Press (AUP) asks how ongoing social, economic, and political transformations affect local, national, European and global governance and society. This is explored through series such as 'Protest and Social Movements', which aims to further our understanding of the origins, dealings, decisions, and outcomes of social movements.


Commissioning editors:
Saskia Gieling
Irene van Rossum


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