IODP Expedition 400: NW Greenland Glaciated Margin by Laurel Childress and Anne Jennings

Sea-level consequences of anthropogenic climate forcing hinge on how the polar ice sheets respond to global warming. If fully melted, the Greenland Ice Sheet has the potential to raise sea level by >7 meters, yet we know very little about its long-term responses to past climate warming or its role in Earth’s climate system. Expedition 400 seeks to address current knowledge gaps in the evolution and variability of the northern Greenland Ice Sheet by analyzing sedimentary archives of warm and cold periods of the last ~30 million years, including times when the greenhouse gas content of the atmosphere was higher than it is today.

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This collection includes journal articles relevant to the expedition objectives and the respective disciplinary contributions of our science party for upcoming Expedition 400, NW Greenland Glaciated Margin ( This collection will ultimately also include research resulting from this expedition.


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