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European Yearbook of the History of Psychology

An international annual journal devoted to the history of psychology, and especially to the interconnection between historiographic survey and problems of epistemology. With an eye on the interdisciplinary nature of cultural studies, the journal pays special attention to those common areas between psychological research and its adjacent disciplines, in particular the human and the life sciences (philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, physiology, neurology, biology, zoology, etc.).

Created on 2019-08-14

Journal for the History of Environment and Society

The journal aims to be a leading online and open-access publication that covers various aspects of environmental history in the broadest sense of the word.

Created on 2019-08-14

Journal of Urban Archaeology

The Journal of Urban Archaeology is the first dedicated scholarly journal to recognise urban archaeology as a field within its own right.

Created on 2020-09-04

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