De Gruyter Materials Science: Energy

A collection of cutting-edge research on Energy from De Gruyter Publisher's Materials Science program

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Karin Sora

Vice President STEM, Germany Switzerland Austria



Helene Chavaroche

Senior Acquisitions Editor, Materials Science



Kristin Berber-Nerlinger

Senior Acquisition Editor, Physical Sciences



Christene Smith, PhD

Acquisitions Editor, Materials Science/Industrial Chemistry




Damiano Sacco, PhD

Acquisitions Editor, Computer Science/Engineering



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The expanding field of materials sciences is a fast-growing subject area in the De Gruyter portfolio that is distinguished by fresh topics and new authors. The contemporary nature of this science is evidenced by its focus on cross-sectional technologies and their application in commerce and the business sector, with content provided by outstanding, internationally renowned scientists. A special focus has been placed on Energy. Our portfolio contains graduate-level textbooks, a special STEM series for career beginners, traditional monographs, and a collection of journals, including our open access journals: Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering and Electrochemical Energy Technology.


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