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Vision:   To become a centre of excellence in scholarly publishing   Menjadi pusat penerbitan ilmiah yang cemerlang
Mission:   To generate high quality scholarly publishing   Menjana penerbitan ilmiah yang berkualiti

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UUM Press Books


Types of Publications


The types of publications published under the UUM Press imprint are as follows:

  • Academic/Scholarly Books/TextBooks
  • General books
  • Edited works
  • Monographs
  • and Journals



Academic Books/ Scholarly Books

Authors may submit their publishing proposals to the Director of UUM Press through their respective colleges/departments/ centres/institutes for the consideration of the University Publication Committee.

  1. Authors are encouraged to submit the complete manuscripts (refer to the guide on preparing original works in the author information form).
  2. However, if your writing project requires approval or an advance before you can proceed, the following items must be submitted together with the application form:                                                                                                                    
    • at least one sample chapter,
    • synopsis of the work and scope of the book contents (in the form of detailed headings and sub-headings for each chapter),
    • schedule of writing,
    • justification for application of advance (see part on Advance Payment) 
  3. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use materials that are protected by copyright such as illustrations and figures.
  4. Academic books will undergo a formal evaluation process by experts, whether from inside or outside UUM. Suitable assessors will be appointed by the Publication Committee. All publishing approvals are subject to the discretion of the Publication Committee based on the evaluation of the overall work.
  5. All evaluations are confidential and are carried out usingthe double-blind method whereby the identity of the author is not made known to the assessor and vice versa.
  6. Authors may be requested to make certain amendments to their manuscripts based on the comments of the assessors.
  7. The percentage of royalty (up to 20% of sales) is decided by UUM Press. Any advance is deducted from the royalty.
  8. The manuscripts should be submitted together with the Academic/General Book Publishing Proposal Form (Sample Set 1) that can be downloaded from the UUM Press website.


General Books

Types of general books published by UUM Press are:

  • Coffee table books
  • Public lectures
  • Guidebooks
  • Light Reading Series


Edited Works

Three types of edited works are published by UUM Press:

  1. A book of edited works is co-ordinated by one or not more than three editors who submit the publishing proposal via the college.                                                                                                                                                                  
    • Selected papers from conferences that have been organised.
    • Invited papers for themed book of readings.
    • Seminar proceedings 
  2. Please refer to the Guidelines on the Publishing of Edited Works which outlines the types of articles and the scope of duties of the editor.
  3. The editor is responsible for preparing the manuscript and electronic copy in the format outlined in the Guide on Preparing Manuscript of Edited Works.
  4. The name of the editor will be printed on the book cover and in the cataloguing-in-publication data.
  5. The manuscript should be submitted together with the edited works Publishing Proposal Form (sample set 3) that can be downloaded from the UUM Press website.



  1. A monograph is a treatise which focuses on a single detailed empirical study, which is deemed an important contribution to a field of knowledge.
  2. The manuscript is evaluated by the College Publication Committee before it is recommended to the University Publication Committee.
  3. The extent of the manuscript should not be less than 90 pages with a 12-point font size and double spacing (refer to the guide on manuscript preparation for the format required).
  4. Please refer to the Guidelines on the Publication of Monographs in this book for other criteria.
  5. Authors of monograph series do not receive royalty.
  6. The manuscript should be submitted together with the Monograph Publishing Proposal Form (sample set 2) that can be downloaded from the UUM Press website.



UUM Press publishes eight (8) university journals, namely Malaysian Management Journal (MMJ), International Journal of Management Studies (IJMS), Journal of International Studies (JIS), International Journal of Banking and Finance (IJBF), Journal of Information and Communication Technology (JICT), Malaysian Journal of Learning & Instruction (MJLI), UUM Journal of Legal Studies (UUM JLS) and Jurnal Pembangunan Sosial (JPS). These journals are published through a peer review system.

  1. Four out of the eight journals contain articles only in English, namely MMJ, JIS, IJBF and JICT. Other journals, IJMS, UUMJLS, MJLI and JPS, are bilingual journals in Malay and English. Further information on the field of focus, format of article, etc. may be obtained from the websites of the respective journals (follow links above)
  2. Authors of journal articles do not receive royalty but each article contributor is given 10 off-print articles and one free copy of the journal.
  3. Articles for journals should be submitted to the Editors-in- Chief or Managing Editors of the respective journals at the following address: 

    UUM Press, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


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