The International Journal of Person Centered Medicine

Person-centered Medicine is dedicated to the promotion of health as a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being as well as to the reduction of disease.
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The International Journal of Person Centered Medicine


Focus and Scope


The International Journal of Person-Centered Medicine (IJPCM) is dedicated to the development of the theory and practice of Person-Centered Medicine (PCM).  All aspects of PCM and multi-disciplinary person-centered clinical care are therefore of interest to the Journal, particularly: (a) medical epistemology and the nature of knowledge for the individualisation of clinical practice; (b) reductionism and complexity in clinical care; (c) methodologies for the individualisation of clinical practice and for the evaluation and development of person-centred medicine; (d) methodologies for the development, use and evaluation of person-centered history taking, diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up; (e) clinical practice recommendations and guidelines for PCM; (f) narrative-based medicine; (g) values-based medicine; (h) transcultural medicine; (i) psychosocial and psychosexual medicine; (j) social and environmental care in PCM; (k) spiritual and religious care; (l) economic aspects of PCM and policies for the funding of PCM; (m) individualised/personalised (genomic) medicine; (n) sociological aspects of PCM; (o) the medical humanities and PCM; (p) ethical and medico-legal implications of PCM; (q) the role of the family and of friends in caring and decision making; (r) the development and use of information technology and medical informatics for the development, application and evaluation/audit of PCM; (s) person-centred design and operation of healthcare facilities; (t) health service policies and policy-making for PCM; (u) the national and international health politics of PCM, (v) the role of medical education and PCM & (w) people-centred care (population approaches to clinical care).  The Journal welcomes learned submissions from doctors, nurses, the allied professions and all those clinical and non-clinical colleagues with an interest in, or responsibility for, the development and application of person-centred approaches to clinical care and public health.



Publication formats

The IJPCM accepts submissions in the following formats: (a) Full scientific papers deriving from original research; (b) Learned review articles presented as structured or systematic reviews; (c) Commentaries and Editorials; (d) Brief and Rapid Communications; (e) Essays, Opinions and Viewpoints; (f) Critiques and Analyses; (g) Book Reviews; (h) Conference Reports; (i) Letters to the Editor; (j) Research Letters.  All papers will be initially reviewed by a Submissions Working Group before selection for peer review by two distinguished reviewers in the field and a statistician if appropriate.



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