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    Review of 'Apolipoprotein C-III's role in cardiovascular diseases, a short review.'

    Apolipoprotein C-III's role in cardiovascular diseases, a short review.Crossref
    A very short overview about the role of apoC-III in CVD, unfortunately poorly structured; incomplete
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    Apolipoprotein C-III's role in cardiovascular diseases, a short review.

    In this short review we show the important role played by apoC-III in the lipid dysregulation present in the majority of cardiovascular diseases. With emphasis on the mutations present in a minority of individuals that confer protection. With this in mind we state that apoC-III should be considered a valid target for pharmaceutical intervention and cardiovascular disease control and progression.

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      In this review the author gives a short overview about the implications of apoC-III in CVD. While this topic is interesting and relevant, the review is written with grammatical and structural shortcomings that make it hard for the reader to extract useful information.

      Major Concerns
      A better structuring of entire manuscript is needed. To properly summarize the role of apoC-III in CVD, the author needs to include more relevant references (apart from those covering apoC-III mutations) and extend the discussion to cover additional aspects of the relationship between apoC-III and CVDs (e.g. Familial chylomicronemia syndrome, Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, Obesity). Alternatively, the manuscript title could be rephrased to more accurately reflect the content, i.e. a focus on only apoC-III mutations. In the latter case the manuscript still needs to be re-structured and content presented in a more understandable manner.
      Other, more extensive articles on the correlation between ApoC-III and CVD were published (Olivieri O. et al. 2002 and JØrgensen A.B. et al. 2014) and should be included in the manuscript.

      Minor Concerns
      Section „Abstract“: apoc-III should be changed to apoC-III
      Section „ApoC-III Summary“: which enteric cells?
      Gene and protein annotations should be consistent and follow standardized nomenclature. Levels of apoC-III should be indicated in mmol/l.
      In the text the author writes „Another very interesting correlation was found by Oliviero Oliveri [14]“, however the linked reference seems to be incorrect (“Marcello Baroni...”). Also the reference style is not consistent.


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