Journal of Disability Research

Volume 2, Issue 1

Table of contents

Advancements and Challenges in Prosthetic Devices: Exploring Materials, Integration, and Future Directionsi
Prevalence of Premenstrual Syndrome and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Among Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Women with Mood Disorders in Saudi Arabia1
Numerical Investigation on the Performance of Prosthetic Running Blades by Using Different Materials6
Early Screening of Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnoses of Children Using Artificial Intelligence14
Ensemble Learning-based Smartbed System for Enhanced Patient Care26
Building an Acute Ischemic Stroke Identification Model Using a Deep Learning Technique35
A Prospective Outlook on the Development of Exoskeletal Knee Joints for Prostheses via a Design Concept Evaluation Approach47
Static Behavior of a Prosthetic Running Blade Made from Alloys and Carbon Fiber63
Assisting Healthcare Using a Time-Series-Based Nonstationary Model for Smart Beds75
Exploring Orthosis Designs for 3D Printing Applying the Finite Element Approach: Study of Different Materials and Loading Conditions85
Creating Customized Hip-Spacers Using PMMA-Based Green Composites to Fulfill Specific Needs of Individuals with Disabilities98
Virtual Screening-based Molecular Analysis of Marine Bioactive Molecules as Inhibitors for Janus Kinase 3106
Enhancing the Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities 114
Assessment of the Radiation Exposure and Cancer Risks of Disabled People Undergoing Different Computed Tomography Scans121