London Review of Education

Volume 19, Issue 1
13 January 2021
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

The role and challenges of education for responsible AI
Reconceptualizing the ‘problem’ of widening participation in higher education in England
Do higher education students really seek ‘value for money’?: Debunking the myth
Book review: From ‘Teach for America’ to ‘Teach for China’: Global teacher education reform and equity in education, by Sara Lam
The use of AI in education: Practicalities and ethical considerations
Specialized, systematic and powerful knowledge
Language, citizenship and schooling: A minority teacher’s perspective
Book review: Diversity, Transformative Knowledge, and Civic Education: Selected essays, by James A. Banks
Rise of the machines? The evolving role of AI technologies in high-stakes assessment
AI and the human in education: Editorial
Narrative practices in developing professional identities: Issues of objectivity and agency
Book review: The Governance of British Higher Education: The impact of governmental, financial and market pressures, by Michael Shattock and Aniko Horvath
The frugal life and why we should educate for it
London, race and territories: Young people’s stories of a divided city
Book review: Hannah Arendt on Educational Thinking and Practice in Dark Times: Education for a world in crisis, edited by Wayne Veck and Helen M. Gunter
‘Decolonising the Medical Curriculum‘: Humanising medicine through epistemic pluralism, cultural safety and critical consciousness
Can less be more? Instruction time and attainment in English secondary schools: Evidence from panel data
Decolonization in a higher education STEMM institution – is ‘epistemic fragility’ a barrier?
Diversity or decolonization? Searching for the tools to dismantle the ‘master’s house’
Book review: The Good Ancestor: How to think long term in a short-term world, by Roman Krznaric
Researching literacy policy: Conceptualizing trends in the field
Decolonize this art history: Imagining a decolonial art history programme at Kalamazoo College
Decolonising the curriculum beyond the surge: Conceptualisation, positionality and conduct
Curriculum contexts, recontextualisation and attention for higher-order thinking
Book review: P.C. Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by Hans Ingvar Roth
Decolonising globalised curriculum landscapes: The identity and agency of academics
In the face of sociopolitical and cultural challenges: Educational leaders’ strategic thinking skills
The decolonial turn: reference lists in PhD theses as markers of theoretical shift/stasis in media and journalism studies at selected South African universities
Children’s narratives on migrant refugees: a practice of global citizenship
Educating on democracy in a time of environmental disasters
Book review: Becoming a Scholar: Cross-cultural reflections on identity and agency in an education doctorate, edited by Maria Savva and Lynn P. Nygaard
Rapid reviews as an emerging approach to evidence synthesis in education