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Nuno Sousa

Disciplines: Medicine
Education: University of Minho
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Nuno Sousa (NS) is Full Professor and the President of the School of Medicine at University of Minho.

NS is a NeuroRadiologist. Presently, he is the Director of the Clinical Academic Center at Hospital de Braga.

NS serves at several medical education and medical assessment advisory boards (NBME, EuroBMA).

NS is the Coordinator of the Neuroscience Research Domain at ICVS/University of Minho. His research main interests are focused in the establishment of functional and structural correlations mediated by stress and its implications in neuropsychiatric disorders. Detailed assessment of neuroplastic events, incorporation of newly generated cells into neuronal networks, rearrangements of established dendritic and synaptic contacts, combined with behavioural, neurochemical and electrophysiogical, optogenetic and molecular biology and (epi)genetics correlates have been established in his laboratory; the work from the lab covers from basic to clinical research and several modulatory interventions have also been described in order to promote recovery of structure and function in neuronal tissues.

Editorial: Editor-in-Chief of Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience;

Member of the Editorial Board of Molecular Neurodegeneration, Neurobiology of Stress, Neuropharmacology

Scientific Societies: Past-President of the Portuguese Society for Neurosciences

Member of Society for Neuroscience

Past-President of the Scientific Council of Life and Health Sciences of FCT (Portuguese Science Foundation)

Member of Bial Foundation

Chief Medical Officer of Pathena, SA


University of Minho

School of Medicine


University of Minho, School of Medicine