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Big Data Privacy

Big Data is a collection of dataset which is large and complex so that existing data processing tools can not handle it. Big Data is collected and processed using different sources and tools, which leads to privacy issues. Privacy preserving data publishing techniques such as, k-anonymity, l-diversity, t-closeness, etc., are used to de-identify data, but the chance of re-identification is still present as data is collected from multiple sources. Big data is having a characteristic of 3Vs (Volume, Velocity, and Variety), which makes the de-identification task difficult.

We have collected research papers and articles from various journals related to privacy issues in big data, existing privacy preserving data publishing techniques, and privacy preserving big data publishing techniques.The main objective of this collection is to help reader to learn basics of privacy preserving techniques and its application to big data analytics or big data publication.

Created on 2017-02-20

Citation Behaviour and Practice

What are the factors controlling research citation behaviour and practice? What are the conscious and unconscious biases that influence these?

Created on 2017-12-15

Digital Science

A collection on Scientific literature on the use of digital tools for science

Created on 2017-07-06


This is a literature review on the role of metadata in scholarly publishing developed out of the Metadata2020 initiative.

Created on 2018-07-11

Metrics and Research Assessment

A collection of articles about the journal impact factor, metrics, altmetrics, and their role in research assessment.

Created on 2017-11-28

Nanopublications (single, attributable and machine-readable assertions in scientific literature)

A selection of articles on Nanopublications

Created on 2015-12-07

On Research Data Publishing

Data publishing is a practice where data are made public so that they can be reused by others, in accordance with associated policies, while guaranteeing that data provenance and attribution are tracked.

Created on 2017-07-14

Open Access Scholarship and its Impact on Scholarly Communication and Library Science

This is a collection of articles related to open access and it's impact on scholarly communication, mostly focused on library science. 

Created on 2017-02-13

Open Data in Research

Following the rise of Open Access, making datasets available is increasingly becoming a new standard. Open data can ensure validity, and increase the pace of research. Some potential issues include ownership, reuse and storage of open research data. This collection encompases research done on the open data movement. 

Created on 2017-02-16

Open Research, Open Science, Open Scholarship

A series of peer reviewed articles and preprints relating in some way to Open Science, Open Research, and Open Scholarship.

Created on 2019-03-26

Perspectives in Scholarly Publishing

Authors in this collection discuss how scholarly publishing and communication in science will develop in the 21st century.

Created on 2015-04-14

Predatory Publishing

A selection of research article and other resources relating to the issue of "Predatory Publishing. See:

For a definition of "Predatory Publishers":

Created on 2019-12-11

Research Paper of the Future and the Reproducible Research Compendium

The Paper of the Future foresees an executable and reproducible research compendium: a FAIR+E contribution to the record of knowledge that is Findable, Accessible, Inspectable/Interoperable, Reuseable/Reproducible and Extensible. The 'Paper' metaphor is reconsidered as a different knowledge representation than today's static article, chapter, conference paper, or thesis. A #futurepaper comprises multiple research objects -- text, code, data, materials, and methods-- that, in combination, tell the full story of the research claim and make that story accessible and interactive, for humans + machines to harvest, reuse, and build upon. Some see"computational narratives" that expose the entire data-to-claim process. Others see micropublications -- discrete claims founded on shared data and clearly disclosed methods and materials.

The papers in this Collection discuss the features and functions of a #FuturePaper, or model this emergent genre.

Created on 2017-05-18

Scholarly Publication Practices and Impact Factor Calculation and Manipulation

A series of research articles documenting the way in which the impact factor is both calculated, and statistically manipulated.

Created on 2017-12-14

The Open Access Citation Advantage

A collection of studies that have investigated the potential Open Access citation advantage. The majority, to date, have concluded that there is a significant citation advantage for Open Access articles. Much of the data here is sourced from The Open Access Citation Advantage Service, SPARC Europe (accessed August 2017) 

Created on 2017-08-01


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