BioTechniques is a leading peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to methods-related research for the life sciences (Future Science Group)

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Aims and Scope


BioTechniques is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to publishing original laboratory methods, related technical tools, and methods-oriented review articles that are of broad interest to professional life scientists, as well as to scientists from other disciplines (e.g., chemistry, physics, computer science, plant and agricultural science and climate science) interested in life science applications for their technologies.

Since 1983, BioTechniques has been a leading peer-reviewed journal for methods-related research. The journal considers:

  • Reports describing innovative new methods, substantive modifications to existing methods, or innovative applications of existing methods, techniques & tools to new models or scientific questions
  • Descriptions of technical tools that facilitate the design or performance of experiments or data analysis, such as software and simple laboratory devices
  • Surveys of technical approaches related to broad fields of research
  • Reviews discussing advancements in techniques and methods related to broad fields of research
  • Letters to the Editor and Expert Opinions highlighting interesting observations or cautionary tales concerning experimental design, methodology or analysis

BioTechniques welcomes unsolicited article proposals.



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