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Headquartered in London, Global in Outlook, Independent in Spirit


Founded in 2001, Future Science Group is a progressive publisher focused on breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research.

Future Science Group’s portfolio consists of three publishing imprints, Future Science, Future Medicine, Newlands Press, as well as a content development imprint, PharmaPlatforms. In addition to a core business of subscription and open access journal publishing, Future Science Group develops specialist knowledge networks and content hubs, enabling professionals to easily connect and collaborate with their peers in niche scientific fields.

The aim of Future Science Group is to serve the advancement of clinical practice and drug research by enhancing the efficiency of communication among clinicians, researchers and decision-makers, and by providing innovative solutions to their information needs.

This is achieved through a customer-centric approach, use of new technologies, products that deliver value-for-money and uncompromisingly high standards.




BioTechniques is a leading peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to methods-related research for the life sciences (Future Science Group)

Created on 2019-05-23

Future Drug Discovery

Future Drug Discovery is a peer-reviewed, open access journal covering the latest breakthrough science in drug discovery, research & development (Future Science Group)

Created on 2019-05-23

Future Science: Open Access

Future Science OA is an open access journal publishing research, review and opinion articles from across the biomedical sciences. (Future Science Group)

Created on 2017-12-07

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