Journal of Intersectionality

The Journal of Intersectionality is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by Pluto Journals that publishes research into how we might understand the idea and application of ‘intersectionality’.

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Journal of Intersectionality


About the Journal

The Journal of Intersectionality is a new international journal launched to provide expression to the complex categories of class, gender, nationality, disability, and other identities. The journal aims to be a leading source of scholarly research into how we might understand the idea and application of ‘intersectionality’.

Intersectionality is an intellectual expression of the cultural wars that have risen out of the USA’s civil rights movement on campuses across the nation over the last 30 years. In Kimberlé Crenshaw’s groundbreaking work ‘Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color’ (1993), she demonstrated that the politicization of identity, such as race, gender, or ethnicity, often omits differences within the group. Through this work, she has contributed the idea of ‘intersectionality’ which understands the interconnected and interdependent nature of social categorizations and the potential for overlapping systems of disadvantage. Understanding the intersectional nature of an individual’s multiple and overlapping social identities, we can apply this concept to other cases and examples.

The journal aims to take an intersectional approach to themes and issues discussed, enabling the exploration of how multiple and intersecting identities shapes our understanding of the world.


Journal Information

The Journal is published twice a year. The electronic journal is archived in Portico.



Editorial Board


Jesse Benjamin


Managing Editor:
Aajay Murphy


Assistant Editor:
Devyn Springer

Editorial Advisory Board:
Akanmu Adebayo
Edoh Agbehonou
Jim Bacote
Matthew Barlow
Mark Bryce
Khalil Elayan
Les Ettiene
Stephanie Evans
Neysa Figueroa
Ravi Ghadge
Beverly Guy-Sheftall
Richard Hutchinson
Ethel King-McKenzie
Chapurukha Kusimba
Khalfani Lawson
Geoffroy de LaForcade
Samuel Livingston
Brandon Lundy
Babacar M’bow
Solomon Negash
Liza Guerra O’Reilly
Dan Paracka
Tammy Powell
Ryan Ronnenberg
Anne Richards
Natsu Saito
Ernesto Silva
Tiffany Smith
Gabriel Soldatenko
Brian Starks
Silvia Trejo
Seneca Vaught
Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson
Jonathan Walz
Tanya Washington
Jamil al Wekhian
Akinyele Umoja
Kurt Young



Instructions for Authors


Please see the submission guidelines here.



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Journal’s Editor, Dr. Jesse Benjamin,

Publisher Pluto Journals,  


Publishing Schedule Update


The Journal is still publishing but has experienced some significant delays in its publication schedule. The Journal would like to thank its authors, subscribers, libraries and readers for their patience and understanding as they work through several challenges these past two years. While their production schedule has fallen behind, they are working hard in 2021 to return to their regular schedule according to the timeline found here.



Call for Papers


The editors request work for a special issue: “Making Spaces: Art, Culture and Difference in Iraqi Kurdistan” (Fall 2022). “Making Spaces” will engage with first-hand accounts, interviews, social criticism and analysis from Kurdish artists as well as research from scholars and practitioners that engage broadly with all genres of contemporary Kurdish art, including but not limited to, music, literature, visual arts, dance, conceptual art, poetry, street art, cultural production, museums, and the claiming of space.

For full details, please see the call for papers here.


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