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    Mpemba Effect- the Effect of TimeCrossref
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    Mpemba Effect- the Effect of Time

    By analyzing the relation between time and speed, the relation between time and gravitational field, the gravitational redshift of photon and the black-body radiation theorem, the conclusion that time on an object is proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature of the object is obtained. Applying the above conclusion about the nature of time, the author analyzes the Mpemba effect and the inverse Mpemba effect, and reaches the following conclusion: the Mpemba effect is the time effect produced when heat flows from objects into space, and the "inverse" Mpemba effect is the time effect produced when heat flows from space into objects.

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      Mpemba effect, inverse Mpamba effect, nature of time , time

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      Thanks so much for your responses and the corresponding revision. I think the manuscript is complete now.


      The reviewer'  review is objective and of a high level. Many thanks to the reviewer for his valuable time and effort in reviewing this work.

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