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    Review of 'Failed MitraClip-procedure with pull out of the anterior leaflet'

    Failed MitraClip-procedure with pull out of the anterior leafletCrossref
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    Failed MitraClip-procedure with pull out of the anterior leaflet

    Abstract: MitraClip is an attractive and less invasive alternative to mitral valve surgery in serve mitral regurgitation in patients with moderate or severe risk for operation. It has been described to be effective and safe in functional as well as in degenerative mitral regurgitation. We report a case of MitraClip procedure with the pull out of the anterior leaflet during the intervention. The patient underwent cardiopulmonary support and surgical intervention with a good outcome. With this report we illustrated the etiology and management of this complication.

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      Dilated cardiomyopathy,Valve replacement,MitraClip

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      Dear Author,
      you described a rare case of immediate clip detachment from one of the leaflet. Usually this happens in the first three months. It is difficult that this can happen in the lab, since, in my opinion, this was a simple case, not degenerative with favorable anatomy and, maybe, you did not pay enought attention to leaflet insertion. Secondly convertion to surgery is debatable. A second attempt with multiple clip was possible since the patient was stable.
      Finally the article is not so well written.


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