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    Review of 'Scrutinizing E-Learning in Rural India: Covid-19 Pandemic- A Systematic Literature Review'

    Scrutinizing E-Learning in Rural India: Covid-19 Pandemic- A Systematic Literature ReviewCrossref
    The systemic review of the E-Learning industry in rural Indiana identifies the e-learning market
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    Scrutinizing E-Learning in Rural India: Covid-19 Pandemic- A Systematic Literature Review

    The $247 million e-learning industry in 2016 is grown to $1.96 billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 52%. The Covid-19 epidemic has given a boost to the e-learning market evolution. Online learning has become the dominant teaching platform, with schools, universities, and other educational institutions closed to avoid epidemics. The research objective is to study the impact of E-learning during Covid-19 in rural India. Understand the dimensions of digital adaptation and its impact on rural Indian education institutions. A systematic review is conducted by collecting and reviewing 110 research articles about E-learning. After carefully considering the articles discussing E-learning in rural India, 46 articles are reviewed to extract the meta-information about the e-learning adaptation, impact, and challenges faced in educational institutions in rural India. The research yielded ten themes related to the acceptance and challenges of E-learning in rural India. Impact and challenges in implementing and usability of E-learning platforms in rural India show more difficulties. The research has also discovered a limitation of parents’ knowledge and challenges in the cognitive abilities of students in accepting E-learning during the Covid-19 lockdowns. According to this review, many gaps exist between India’s e-learning development companies, governments, and educational institutions. Better E-learning platforms and business execution in remote rural India have expected if the three stakeholder groups establish a bridge. For a better understanding of e-learning in rural India, future research would include field surveys and interviews with all stakeholders.

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      Economic development,Business & Corporate economics,Urban, Rural & Regional economics
      Indian Education,Government of India,Cognitive Behavior,E-learning,Rural India,Online Education,ICT,Covid-19,Lack of resources

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      This review of research articles about E-Learning is informative and future research including field surveys and interviews with all stakeholders is appropiate. 


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