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      Conflict Over Oil and Gas in the Mediterranean: Israeli Expansionism in Lebanon



            This article will discuss Israeli machinations to covet substantial areas of the Lebanese maritime exclusive economic zone, while knowing full well that international law has sided with Lebanon in this matter. The conflict between Israel and Lebanon will be discussed in the context of the relations among regional states and the conflict of East Mediterranean states over maritime oil and gas fields. Main questions that arise in this regard are as follows: First, is it a matter of oil and gas reserves over and above its share that Israel is seeking to capture or does the controversy have to do with regional domination or both? Second, what is the significance of the US envoys’ visits in early 2018 to Beirut, presumably to resolve the disagreement between Lebanon and Israel? Third, have those visits defused the situation between the two states involved or added fuel to the fire? Fourth, what is the significance of Israel's occupation of parts of Lebanon's territory to the issue of offshore oil and gas and how might it relate to the cement wall that Israel has been constructing partially in Lebanese territories? Fifth, what is the probability of an Israeli attack on Lebanon that could quickly transform into a regional conflict?


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            Arab Studies Quarterly
            Pluto Journals
            1 January 2019
            : 41
            : 1 ( doiID: 10.13169/arabstudquar.41.issue-1 )
            : 95-110
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            Social & Behavioral Sciences
            oil and gas,Israeli expansionism,maritime exclusive economic zone,international law,Lebanese territories,regional conflict


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