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      “Baby Jihad”: Analyzing White Nationalist Fears of Changing Western Demographics

      Islamophobia Studies Journal
      Pluto Journals
      white nationalist, Western demographics, baby jihad, Muslim refugees and immigrants, replacement theory


            Many white nationalist thinkers have attempted to justify their anti-Muslim views by exploiting fears of “jihad” in various forms. Based on an analysis of alt-right sources, this article proposes a new category of “baby jihad,” or jihad via demography, which undergirds Islamophobia in the West. White nationalists who fear “baby jihad” point to demographic changes in fertility rates, age distribution, religious identification, and migration patterns to argue that Muslims pose an existential threat to Western society. This article places these arguments in context by citing demographic data and begins to explore some of the gendered dynamics associated with the politicization of reproduction. “Baby jihad” is a useful conceptual lens for understanding rising populism and anti-refugee sentiment throughout North America and Europe.


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            Islamophobia Studies Journal
            Pluto Journals
            16 June 2022
            1 January 2022
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            : 108-120
            2022 Margaret Hodson

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            Social & Behavioral Sciences
            white nationalist,Western demographics,baby jihad,Muslim refugees and immigrants,replacement theory


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