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      Challenges of COVID-19 for Fair Trade enterprises in attaining Sustainable Development Goals 2030

      Journal of Fair Trade
      Pluto Journals
      COVID-19, enterprises, Fair Trade, sustainable development goals


            This paper aims to explore challenges of COVID-19 in achieving sustainable development goal (SDG) 1 ‘no poverty’ by Fair Trade (FT) enterprises. The authors used focus group discussion (FGD) with seven members of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) – Asia, from six different countries: Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Findings suggest that COVID-19 has posed bigger challenges to FT enterprises in achieving the SDGs since the pandemic has created challenges not only to the economic aspect but also to the health, education, safety and security of the communities. Due to COVID-19, the progress in attaining SDGs has slowed down, as global unemployment surged, global markets collapsed with a catastrophic economic downturn, which could eventually push more people to the pit of poverty. Stronger collaboration among the stakeholders is needed to achieve the SDGs.


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            Journal of Fair Trade
            Pluto Journals
            1 September 2021
            : 3
            : 1 ( doiID: 10.13169/jfairtrade.3.issue-1 )
            : 44-53
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            Education,Agriculture,Social & Behavioral Sciences,History,Economics
            sustainable development goals,COVID-19,enterprises,Fair Trade


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