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      The theory of everything

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            Abstract: Is there a unified natural principle or theory of all things behind the natural phenomena that are observed in different disciplines and scattered? If there is such a thing, it should have a wide universality, and the chord language phenomenon seems to have this feature.

            Chord languages have distinct physical and mathematical forms: discrete spectrum, chords (open, closed, non-linear string), symmetrical, mirrored, etc. In music, painting, meridian (Chinese ancient medical theory) and other disciplines, the generation of time, space, life, spiritual and other semantic expressions, beyond the universality of the discipline, easy to observe, verify, Like the theory of all things.

            The following is the chord value formula used in music and painting. Is this a quantum formula?

            S = HV, (S = semitone, H = equal temperament constant, V = frequency), minimum discrete value.

            I=H^n.V (I=sound, n=sound value), allowing discrete values;

            C=H^n1, n2, n3, n*.V (C=chord), discrete value spectrum.

            Music and painting are chord language phenomena, with discrete spectral forms unique to chord language: chords, tones, scales, etc., respectively: time and space, mathematically mutual: reverse-mirror relationship.

            Chord language is not only a spiritual phenomenon (music, painting), but also a physical phenomenon (discrete spectrum, string), observing chord language events, such as: music, painting, etc. - also observing physical events, it has spiritual-natural isomorphism, This is its philosophical significance: there is a certain natural principle and law between spirit and nature.

            The chord language is an ancient knowledge system whose mathematical model dates back to Pythagorean temperament in ancient Greece. After the gradual improvement of musicians of the dynasties, the ancient Chinese medical theory - Meridian observation of positive-negative (yin-yang) rules - this is an important attribute of chord language, and spatial (geometric) semantics can be observed in chord paintings: Strings (open, closed, non-line string), these observations complete the recognition of the chord languageknowledge.


            Abstract: is there a unified theory of nature, the theory of everything, behind the natural phenomena observed by different disciplines and dispersed? Here is the formula for chord language, similar to Planck's formula. S=HV, (S= semitone, H= average law constant, V= frequency), minimum discrete value. I=H^n.V (I= interval, n= interval value), allowing discrete values. C=H^n1,n2,n3,n*.V (C= chord), discrete value spectrum. Chord language consists of chord spectrum, with quantum, string (opening, closing string, N string), symmetry, mirroring and other mathematical, geometric features, manifested in music (time), painting (space), life (meridian), spiritual and other phenomena, has accumulated for thousands of years;a more complete mathematical model;can be observed and verified;It should be a feature of the theory of everything. Similarly, physics also has the characteristics of chord language (quantization, string theory, etc.). Is it a phenomenon of chord language? Music (time), painting (space) contains the theory of everything?


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            ScienceOpen Preprints
            2 July 2019
            [1 ] Yibin xuzhou district cultural center
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            This work has been published open access under Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0 , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Conditions, terms of use and publishing policy can be found at www.scienceopen.com .


            The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available in the repository: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/667328
            Arts,Physics,Philosophy,Life sciences
            chord language, chord space-time, theory of everything, quantum, string, music, painting, meridian


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