Decolonial Horizons / Horizontes Decoloniales

Decolonial Horizons is an annual peer-reviewed online journal published by Pluto Journals in association with Otros Cruces.

Print ISSN: 2545-8728 / e-ISSN: 2422-6343


Decolonial Horizons


About the Journal

Decolonial Horizons is an intellectual hub for the exploration of scholarship between global politics and religious discourses. It confronts years of systemic scholarly racism by privileging frameworks generated in the networks of the Global South. The journal is a project of Otros Cruces in South America. 

GEMRIP is an initiative that seeks to create instances of sensitization, awareness, research and multidisciplinary training through educational programs as well as spaces for dialogue and reflection for the study of the socio-political dynamics of the contemporary context, its relationship with the religious phenomenon and the creation of relevant public advocacy instances from that field. Decolonial Horizons forms part of one of GEMRIP’s work areas to encourage the publication of academic papers and research. Further information on GEMRIP can be found here


Aims & Scope

Decolonial Horizons publishes studies that examine and question postcolonial, decolonial and religious dynamics. The purpose of the journal is to present new methodological and hermeneutical tools in this under-explored field within religious and theological studies in Latin America.

This publication welcomes the contributions of authors working in a broad disciplinary spectrum including – but not limited to –, history, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, political science, cultural studies, critique of political economy, religious studies, and literature. Topics covered by the journal include: the intersection between religion and culture, migration, territorialism, politics and human rights, together with the construction of the body(s), sexuality, gender and racism. All within the field of decolonial and postcolonial theories.

Decolonial Horizons accepts unpublished contributions in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.


Journal Information

The Journal is published annually in October. The electronic journal is archived in Portico. The journal has its own website where further information can be found here



Editorial Board



Hugo Córdova Quero

Nicolás Panotto
Universidad Arturo Prat, Chile/Argentina

Santiago Slabodsky
Hofstra University, United States/Argentina



Nilta Dias
Sophia University, Japan/Brazil

Ann Hidalgo
Claremont School of Theology, United States

Maryuri Mora
Universidade Metodista, Brazil/Colombia


Editorial Board

An Yountae
Lebanon Valley College, United States/Argentina

Jorge Aquino
University of San Francisco, United States

Karina Bidaseca

Manuela Boatcǎ
Free University of Berlin, Germany/Romania

Claudio Carvalhaes
Lutheran Seminary, United States/Brazil

Laura Catelli

Javier Garcia-Fernandez

University of Granada-Spain

Miguel de la Torre
Iliff School of Theology, United States/Cuba

Alejandro De Otto
CONICET, Argentina

Pedro J. DiPietro
Syracuse University, United States/Argentina

José Estermann
GEMRIP, Argentina/Switzerland

Ramón Grosfoguel
University of California at Berkeley, United States/Puerto Rico

María José Magliano

Walter Mignolo
Duke University, United States/Argentina

Luis Rivera-Pagan
Princeton Theological Seminary, United States/Puerto Rico

Cielo Patricia Puello Sarabia
Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia

Silvana Rabinovich

UNAM, Mexico-Argentina

Jose Romero-Losacco

CETS, Venezuela-Spain 

Salman Sayyid
University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Fernando Segovia
Vanderbilt University, United States

Marisa Strizzi
GEMRIP/Universidad Abierta de Ámsterdam, Argentina/Holanda

Daphne Taylor-Garcia
University of California – San Diego, United States

Heike Walz
Augustana-Hochschule Neuendettelsau, Germany/Argentina

Yuenmei Wong
University of Maryland, United States/Malaysia

Junehee Yoon
Drew University, United States/Korea



Instructions for Authors


Please see the submission guidelines here.



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